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From tax preparation, financial consultation, to accounting, Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPAs  does it all.

An established CPA firm, Stevens Pierce & Associates, has been helping Idahoans for more than 15 years with all aspects of business and personal finances. The firm’s founders learned accounting

Stephens Pierce and Associates

using a pencil and paper years ago; but today, the firm’s CPAs access the latest accounting software programs online to collaborate in real time with clients to complete the preparation of financial and tax reports. Still, the firm has not lost the meticulous attention to detail that the old paper-based process required. The firm has earned a well-deserved reputation for thorough, accurate preparation of financial documents.

Business Accounting Services

Business owners comprise a majority of the Stevens Pierce & Associate’s clients. Small and mid-sized companies across the region surrounding Twin Falls look to the firm for sound financial advice and accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll administration services. The firm actively maintains current information regarding the latest changes to tax laws and government regulations and alerts clients to the impending impact of those changes along with financial strategies to avoid or enhance that impact.

Payroll-related services consume the most time as weekly or bi-weekly paychecks, monthly commissions, and annual bonuses are an ongoing task. Also, quarterly tax reporting, remittance of withholding taxes, and annual filing of forms 1099, W2s and others are required of all employers. With provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act going into effect this year, employers have new requirements to provide a minimum level of health insurance to all full-time employees. The firm’s accountants can advise employers on the number of employees covered and which are considered full-time for purposes of the ACA.

The firm’s financial analysts can scrutinize business plans and proposals as part of a comprehensive due diligence review. That same scrutiny can be applied to a client’s books to determine and identify employee malfeasance, including embezzlement and submission of false invoices or expense reports. Complete forensic accounting services can look back a decade or more to account for any financial irregularity.

Financial Advisor to Individuals

The firm has a significant financial consulting and tax preparation practice serving individuals many of whom first started as one of the company’s business clients. Stevens Pierce & Associates offer expertise and advice in retirement planning, IRA and individual retirement plans, estate planning, asset protection, interest-bearing loans and deposits, and other financial opportunities and transactions. The firm helps clients develop a long-term financial strategy and track their progress towards achieving their goals – even knowing that those goals can change over the course of their family’s lives.

Tax preparation and strategic tax planning are a large component of the firm’s individual practice. The complexity of completing federal and state tax reports is beyond the capability of most people, and the risks of penalties, late fees, or fines for submitting incorrect tax returns is too great. Even the IRS recently admitted that 90% of tax filers have to pay someone to complete their tax filings. The CPAs of Stevens Pierce & Associates prepare Forms 1040 and all available schedules for itemized deductions, self-employment income, investment income, losses, charitable contributions, and payments for child support, alimony, college tuition, IRA deposits, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Your Outsourced Accounting Department

Using the latest web-based technology that enables close collaboration and real-time transaction processing, and retaining the attention to customer satisfaction that has led to the firm’s success for many years, Stevens Pierce & Associates act as their clients’ in-house Accounting Department to provide “big firm” professional services on a cost-effective, pay-as-you go business model suitable for the typical small and mid-sized company or individual. For growing companies trying to compete with larger rivals that may employ dozens of CPAs, the cost of a full-time financial advisor can be prohibitive. At the same time, trying to navigate the myriad federal and state rules, regulations, and tax codes without an expert’s assistance would be a serious distraction to a business owner more properly focused on revenue generation.

By engaging the accounting services of Twin Falls CPAs Stevens Pierce & Associates, your firm can expect to see improved profitability, lower taxes, better financial forecasts, lower accounting costs, and less risk. The firm’s ongoing services eliminate surprises, solidify accounts payable performance, shrink accounts receivables, and empower higher employee morale by assuming the painstaking tasks of tax filing and financial reporting.

 Posted on : August 12, 2014