Why Does the IRS Need to Validate Your Tax Return?

What to Do if the IRS Requests More Information From You

Have you received a letter from the IRS requesting you to verify your identity so your tax return can be processed? The IRS and Idaho State Tax Commission are doing everything they can to prevent tax identity theft. This is when someone steals your social security number and uses it to file a tax return. Verifying your identity allows you to protect yourself from tax identity theft. At Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S in Twin Falls, ID, we understand that it can be alarming to receive a letter from the IRS. Below is information on what you should do. And if you have more questions or concerns, our accountants are here to work with you!

Methods of Verifying Your Identity

The Idaho State Tax Commission has three different methods of verifying your identity, and they will send you one of three letters to request the needed information.
  • A letter with a PIN you will enter to verify that you filed the tax return they have under your social security number
  • A letter with a quiz that asks questions to prove your identity
  • A letter that requests you to send document copies that allow them to verify your identity
If you receive more than one letter, please complete the instructions in each letter.

When Should You Suspect You Are a Victim of Tax Identity Theft?

There are a few situations you should watch out for. Did you receive a tax return or get charged for additional taxes during a year for which you didn’t even file a tax return? That is a major warning sign. Or, if you learn that multiple tax returns were filed under your social security number, or that your records with the IRS or Idaho State Tax Commission show you earning incomes from jobs that you didn’t work, you may be a victim of tax identity theft.

Helpful Links

Below are useful resources when it comes to verifying and protecting your identity on your tax returns.

What if You Didn’t File a Tax Return This Year?

Did you still receive a letter from the IRS or Idaho State Tax Commission? You should contact whoever sent the letter and have them help you verify your identity, to make sure that your social security number hasn’t been stolen.

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