Small Business Accounting

Helping Small Businesses in the Twin Falls, ID Area, Because Accounting is Hard

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You and your employees are all doing important work for the company. If you have an employee also doing your accounting, or you do it yourself, your productivity will decrease, because doing accounting effectively and thoroughly takes time. And let’s face it: it’s really hard! That’s why we at Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S in Twin Falls, ID dedicate ourselves to taking over your small business accounting. Our professional, knowledgeable team will make sure you are compliant and that those taxes are filed correctly.

What We’ll Do

The accountants at Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S will help you with bookkeeping and documentation, including creating balance sheets and income statements to keep you organized. We will also file all of your taxes for you to be sure that they are compliant. Our usage of advanced accounting technology makes the process even more efficient and accurate!

Here, we can also help you start, grow, run, and sell your business as well as help you get the loans you need! In addition, we will provide you with tax strategies that can help you receive deductions, helping your business to grow.

Why use Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S for Small Business Accounting?

The tasks our CPAs perform for small businesses require an extensive amount of training that would take up your or your employees’ precious time. Hiring a CPA from our firm will save you time and money as well as protect you from lawsuits that arise from not being compliant in your taxes or finances. Plus, it’s valuable to have accurate and thorough documentation of your business’s finances. You can see where you are spending too much money, which products gain the most revenue and get a better judgement of how your prices compare to the market. This information allows you to make educated financial decisions for your company that will, in turn, increase your profitability.

Don’t let accounting take you away from your small business. Choose Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S to work with you in providing reliable, trustworthy service and have fun while doing it!

For more information on how we can help your small business grow, check out our blog and contact us today at 208-734-8662. We look forward to working with you!