Tax Preparation & Planning

Didn’t Think Taxes Could Ever Be Fun? Call Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’s in Twin Falls, ID!

Most people would rather have their teeth pulled than do their taxes. Preparing and planning your taxes takes a lot of time and effort, and one little mistake could get you in a large amount of trouble. With over 20 years of experience in tax preparation and accounting, we can use our knowledge to help you. At Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S, we make tax preparation and planning as easy and efficient as possible. Our caring and professional team has years of experience in filing taxes accurately and in compliance with current tax rules and regulations. Plus, we use advanced technology for even more efficiency, making sure you get the best possible result on your income tax return.

Whether you need help as an individual or as a small business, we will give you the peace of mind to know the job was done correctly, and we will make the process a breeze.

What is Tax Planning?

It’s a great idea to plan ahead when you are paying your taxes. Tax planning helps you to decrease your tax liability, or how much you are required to pay in taxes. This process is called increasing your tax efficiency. There are many things you can do to decrease your tax liability, whether it’s starting a retirement fund, purchasing assets or setting up a health savings account. We can sit down with you and decide which strategy would best apply for your specific needs. With tax planning, you can move on into the next year feeling confident that you are financially prepared to file your tax return.

Why Choose Us to Prepare Your Taxes?

When you need someone to help with your taxes, a CPA is the best way to go. We are specially trained for this position, as we have to pass a very difficult exam to have the title of CPA. Using a tax preparer from Stevens Pierce & Associates will ensure that your taxes are filed correctly and you get as many deductions and credits as possible to help save money. When choosing between us or doing it yourself, it could mean the difference of thousands of dollars. Let us help you get the best possible outcome for your tax situation. We offer affordable pricing based on your individual needs. Our personable and detail-oriented staff members try their best to make filing your taxes as quick, easy and efficient as possible.

Don’t stress about your taxes! Choose Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPA’S. For more information on how tax planning and preparation can help you, check out our blog or contact us at 208-734-8662. Plus, first-time clients will get a free one-hour consultation!